Flaan aka Ian Mcgregor is a dedicated and hard worker, making sure that he achieves your goals for all job completion satisfaction. Flaan has been a health professional for 25+ years with the majority of this time spent serving the community within Hospital Emergency Departments. The nickname Flaan actually started while working within the Emergency Department from a child attempting to read his name badge. It is a cute story so when you get him around to complete some tasks ask him to tell you.


 The last 10 years Flaan has been teaching other Nurses how to care for their patients in an attempt to make a difference to peoples lives on a more global scale. When Flaan wasn't helping to save lives he has been renovating and successfully completing odd jobs for the last 20 years. As with any profession, transferable skills are obtained and Flaan utilises these skills to full advantage when attending to your home. Some of those skills that Flaan will utilise for you are Customer Service, Critical Thinking, attention to detail and problem solving taking Flaan's work to the next level.


Flaan is customer focused making certain that you are getting what you need when using Flaan to get the job done and he is looking forward to meeting you!.